Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

I'm a big fan of Michael Crichton. His books are well researched. In a Hat Tip to LGF, this is a great article on complexity should teach a little humility. Add his article on complexity to the below.

Also, I think my new favorite author is a Canuk. Please read this article on shifting demographics, political correctness, welfare and what the state of the world may be like in 20-50 years. As someone who works internationally he brings up a lot of great concerns. However, I'll add one. You may bolster your declining birth rate by immigration, but you'll pretty much loose productivity which is important in maintaining so many of the social benefits. Why? Look at the education level of the immigrants. How aggressively are they being integrated and educated?

If I were the coach of a number 1 team and I brought someone up from the minors, I wouldn't do things his way out of sensitivity. I would say, do it my way and you too can be part of a number 1 team. Americans need to quit apologizing for being number 1. We worked for it. We could use some new goals. I would like to suggest a moon base, a trip to Mars, a new space shuttle (one more economically viable incorporating the last 20 years of technology), better diversification of our energy industry (more nuclear-time to admit our nuclear disasters weren't so disasterous), oh and teaching others how to be economic power houses. Captialism and Democracy are big parts of that. Don't believe me, how about this book by the World Bank?

Also, I've found Cassandra from Villinous Company, she now post's over at Tigerhawk. She doesn't post everyday, but talk about finding 2 of my blogging heros under 1 roof.


At 3:30 PM, Blogger bothenook said...

clarity in thinking rarely wins over emotion. too bad. but please don't stop thinking clearly. too few of us trying to keep the oarlocks up and keel down in this boat.


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